We never skim on taste.
Loaded with calcium, vitamins, and essential nutrients, milk is great for building strong bodies. Some even say milk may help you sleep better. But when it comes to good taste, it’s the cream that counts. It makes you wonder why big milk companies skim off the cream. At Crescent Ridge, our Whole Milk is never skimmed. In fact, it has about 20% more cream than the federal minimum. So you get all the cream—and all the full, rich taste.


Even our 2% and 1% Milk starts as creamy whole milk. Working one small batch at a time, we slowly blend in super-premium, non-fat milk to make the richest 2% and 1% Milk you’ve ever tasted. Crafting milk like this takes a lot of time and effort. But when you’re passionate about making the finest quality milk, it’s the only way to do it.


Small batch makes a big difference. We bottle just 2,000 gallons of milk a day at our own processing facility on our farm, so we can take the time to inspect every batch and ensure the highest standards of quality and safety.



We’re strictly a glass act.
After all this care and attention, the last thing we’d do is put Crescent Ridge Milk in plastic containers. Plastic isn’t good for the taste of milk and it isn’t good for the environment.

We use nothing but good, old-fashioned glass bottles. We love glass – it preserves and protects. Glass bottles preserve the delicious flavor of milk the way it was intended and protects Mother Nature from thousands of plastic and paper cartons being dumped in landfills.


Our glass bottles are crystal clear and very green.  



From Cresent Ridge to your fridge.
Every day at 4:00am, our milkmen pack up the trucks with cold Crescent Ridge Milk and deliver it right to our customers’ doors. There’s no better way to ensure that every bottle is handled with care, and arrives tasting just as fresh as it did when it left the farm. One sip and you’ll understand why so many people tell us they’ll never drink mass-produced milk again.

We only source the highest quality milk.

Crescent Ridge partners with St. Albans Cooperative Creamery in Vermont and Appleton Farms in Ipswich, MA, a Trustees of the Reservations property.   We choose to work with them as these farmers care about the health of their herd and the quality of their milk.  We pay a premium to purchase only their highest quality milk, and of course their farmers never use artificial growth hormones.



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